General requirements and conditions
The devices and the services connected to the devices may only be used by employees and students of the Ruhr-Universität
Bochum and the institutions affiliated with the Ruhr-Universität. The services may only be used for the following

  • Study and education
  • Research and teaching
  • Continuing education

Prerequisite for the use of the services is, in addition to a user ID of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in the form of a
LOGIN-ID, the existence of an RFID-based student ID or a ServiceCard, which can be purchased at the printing center for a fee of 2,00 €. nominal fee at the printing center.
For the use of the copying and printing functions by means of a student ID or ServiceCard, this service has to be released under
the conditions described here. This activation is done by means of an initial charge.
By activating the service, the user agrees to the regulations regarding security aspects and data protection issues.
If the user acquires a print quota, a credit balance is loaded in a background system that is used via a
smart card ID in conjunction with the personal identification number (PIN) can be used. The purchased and
and loaded into the background system are excluded from exchange.
Before closing the account, the User must ensure that the account is completely emptied.
Refunds cannot be made for unused billing units.

The cost of prints, copies, or scans can be found on the website or on the notice posted on the unit.
The printing center reserves the right to adjust the prices.

Identification and billing
For the use of the devices, the chip cards are assigned a PIN code, which must be entered by the user for identification purposes after placing the card on the printing device. This code is issued with the initial charge.
Use of the card and PIN by persons other than the cardholder is not permitted.
Billing is carried out at the following rates at the respective loading stations

  • CopyCenter SSC 01/219
  • Printing Center UV 01/46
  • University Library UB 1/19
  • Law library GD 04/XX

More information at and on the conditions posted on site.

During billing, copies charged to the background account are debited according to usage.
If the credit is not used and the account is inactive for a period of more than 24 months at a time, the DZ-Card ID will expire and any credit will be forfeited.

Claims for damages and limitations of liability
In the event of faulty copies/prints due to a malfunction of the device, you will receive a refund after presentation of the original and the
defective copies/prints at the Print Center (UV 01/46) or at the CopyCenter (SSC 01/219), you will be given the opportunity to have the copies made again or to have them made at the Print Center.
Compensation for further damage by the Ruhr University Printing Center is excluded. Furthermore, the liability of the
printing center of the Ruhr-Universität is limited. In the case of intent and gross negligence, the printing center assumes no
liability. The Druckzentrum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum shall not be liable for errors in copying and printing due to incorrect operation of the equipment and shall not provide compensation.

The Ruhr-Universität Druckzentrum may withdraw from the contract for good cause. An important reason exists in particular in the case of considerable misconduct on the part of the user or in the case of discontinuation of copying and printing operations by the Druckzentrum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
(The Ruhr-Universität Bochum Print Center reserves the right to inform users of changes at any time).


Security aspects
The transmission of print data between the computer and the print memory, as well as the transmission between the print memory and the printer/copier, is unencrypted, as is usual in printing. Although the Ruhr-Universit t takes some security measures to prevent the tampering of the data lines, it can still not be excluded that this happens and thus data is leaked to third parties.

Storage of print data and behavior in the event of malfunctions
The Print Center will treat all data stored on the print and billing server, print memory files and billing data, as confidential.

When printing, copying and scanning using a student ID card, your login ID of the print center will be recorded.
The print center assures not to share this data and to use it only for billing purposes.
When using the ServiceCard for printing, copying and scanning, no direct personal data is stored.
There is no correlation between personal data and billing data, and therefore no such correlation can be made.
On the CampusDruck user information, handed out when the card is first issued, you will find an identification number for the card (DZCard-ID). If you keep and show this ID, the remaining quota can be transferred to a new card if the card is lost.
card can be rebooked. This is not possible without the CampusDruck user information sheet.

The print data is held for three (3) days after it is transferred from the computer to the central print storage (Printspooler) and then deleted. During the three (3) days, they can be retrieved at one of the printers/copiers.
Manual deletion is possible at any time (See Operating Instructions).

If errors occur on the device during printing, so that the print job is cancelled, it will not be deleted at the
the print job will not be restarted at the point where it was cancelled. The print job must either be completely reprinted or the output data must be sent to the print memory again in a reduced volume accordingly.
If the print or copy job is interrupted during printing or copying, all print and copy data is deleted from the printer/copier, including the parts that have not yet been printed. Print data that has not yet been retrieved will remain in the print memory until it is retrieved for the first time, but never longer than three (3) days.

Here you can find the terms and conditions for the use of CAMPUSDRUCK

agb's CAMPUSDRUCK   (96.7 kB)