We produce stickers on various foils weatherproof, photoluminescent, round, square, free-form* and much more according to your wishes and depending on the intended use.

*Free-form: contour cut according to defined cutting path

Here you can download the order form for stickers. Please use the link in the box below to order.

Order form Finanzstelle   (1.1 MB)

Film types
  • Transparent film
  • White film
  • Solid-coloured film (e.g. RUB Blue etc.)
  • Privacy film (e.g. doors and windows)
  • Translucent film (e.g. light boxes)
  • Static adhesive film (e.g. temporary use on glass)
  • Indoor floor film (e.g. floor markings)
  • Asphalt film outdoor (e.g. pavement markings)
  • Photoluminescent film (e.g. escape routes)
  • Reflective film (e.g. traffic signs)

  • Glossy
  • Matt
  • Anti-slip
  • Structured
  • Anti-Graffiti

Please send the completed order form via the following button.


Possible formats
  • Width: min. 1,0 cm - max. 125,0 cm
  • High: min. 1,0 cm - max. 1.000,0 cm

    * All combinations of the above sizes are possible


We will be happy to advise you on finding the right sticker for your application and support you in applying it.

Depending on the substrate, planned service life, removability, environmental influences and specifications, we can work with you to determine the right materials from our portfolio and produce the desired quantities of stickers for you at short notice.


The stickers are cut automatically by us via a machine. Please note that texts and image elements must be placed at least 3 mm from the edge.

For stickers with free forms (all shapes except square/rectangular), a vectorised cutting path must be defined in the file that determines the subsequent shape.