• Please note that payment is only possible with EC or credit card. 
  • The production time is nearly 2 hours, depending on the type of binding and the current order situation.
  • Our pick-up times at the Copcenter are:
    Monday - Wednesday: 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.
    Thursday - Friday: 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.
  • Therefore, your order must be received at our office hours at least 2 hours prior to these times.
  • Please take these times into account in your planning
    (e.g. opening hours of the examination office)!

Here you can download the order form for your dissertation. Please use the link in the box below for the ordering process.

DISSERTATIONS Order Form   (83.2 kB)

Please send the completed form using the button below.


Data delivery

PDF files: Without transparencies; Without comment fields; With embedded fonts.

When supplying open data such as Word, please note the Print data note at the bottom of the page.

Print in black/white and/or color

We will check your data with regard to the black/white and color portion of the pages and quote you the costs.

Please also refer to the Print data note at the bottom of the page.

The fastest and cheapest binding is a softcover in 11 different colors and a matte foil on the front. Alternatively, we offer the softcover as a printed solid board. It takes about 2 hours of time. If you want to print the content yourself for this type of binding, please use only normal 80 g or 90 g copy paper to ensure durability. Up to 500 sheets are possible. A high-quality hardcover binding with clamping rail is available in linen structure in three colors (dark red, dark blue, black) and in leather structure in two colors (dark blue, black). This type of binding takes about 3 hours and can hold up to 280 sheets. It is possible with this binding to have the cover and spine rail lasered. For this, all logos and graphics of the cover must be included as vector objects (e.g. eps files, font is always vector-based) in your PDF file. Hand binding with black pleat strip takes about 24 hours and can also take a quantity over 500 sheets. Samples can be viewed here or at our localities.

Cost overview

  • DIN A4 single/double-sided up to 250 pages:
  • from 1 page 0,05 € / 0,10 € per page
  • from 250 pages 0,04 € / 0,08 € per page
  • from 1,000 pages 0.03 € / 0.06 € per page
  • DIN A3 single/double-sided:
  • from 1 page 0,10 € / 0,20 € per page
  • from 125 pages 0,08 € / 0,16 € per page
  • from 500 pages 0.06 € / 0.12 € per page
  • DIN A4 single/double-sided up to 250 pages:
  • from 1 page 0,34 € / 0,68 € per page
  • from 250 pages 0,21 € / 0,42 € per page
  • from 1,000 pages 0.12 € / 0.24 € per page
  • DIN A3 one-sided/double-sided:
  • from 1 page 0,68 € / 1,36 € per page
  • from 125 pages 0,42 € / 0,84 € per page
  • from 500 pages 0.24 € / 0.48 € per page
  • 80 g recycled paper: Included
    90 g premium paper: Surcharge 0,03 € per sheet

  • Softcover with clear foil front: 4,38 € (from 10 pcs 3,89 €)
  • Softcover with full cardboard incl. laminating: 4,38 € (from 10 pcs. 3,89 €)
  • Printing cover for full cardboard: b/w 0,10 €, colored 0,68 €
  • Hardcover Modern blue, black, bordeaux: 8,00 €
  • Hardcover as handmade book binding: 18,50 €
  • Handmade binding with folding strips: 8,50 € (24 hours delivery)
  • Spiral binding (plastic or wire): 1,75 € per 50 sheets
  • Foil or backing board for hand or spiral binding:
    € 0,35 and € 0,33 respectively
  • Control and correction of b/w and color pages:
    5,24 € per 5 minutes
  • Conversion Office to PDF (without guarantee!): 5,00 € per file
  • General corrections (e.g. optimize file for lasering):
    5,24 € per 5 minutes
  • Softcover A4: 208 x 294 mm, (bleed top + bottom 1.5 mm,
    binding 0.5 mm router, margin 1.5 mm)
  • Softcover A5: 145 x 207 mm, (bleed top + bottom 1.5 mm,
    binding 0.5 mm router, margin 1.5 mm)
  • Hardcover A4 content: 208 x 295 mm, (bleeds all around 1 mm)

Real DIN formats also available for an additional charge.
Please indicate this when placing your order!


Print data

Microsoft Office products wrap the lines according to the printer driver's specifications, so in the worst case your
layout will be completely rewrapped when your file is opened on another computer.

Furthermore, problems can occur if fonts are used that we have not installed (therefore embed the fonts in the PDF).

Because of this, Office files are unsuitable for printing and will only be used by us in special cases and for a fee of
(5,00 € per file and without guarantee of correctness) into PDF files.

Your complete file will be printed on a color printer in case of color printing. Thereby all pages, which are created in color, will also be printed and charged as color. This also applies to images and graphics that do not contain true grayscale, but are set up in color in RGB or CMYK.

All elements that are not to be printed in color must be inserted into your document as a grayscale file. If this is not possible for you, we can check and correct the pages manually for a flat fee of 5.24 € per 5 minutes or part thereof.

If your work is to be printed on both sides, you must format it accordingly: Jumping or centered page numbers, blank pages in the appropriate places, etc. Please do not work with comment fields in your PDF document, as these may be displayed differently in print.