We produce posters in your desired format in various grammages and qualities. Please use the order form for large format printing.

Large format includes all printed products larger than DIN A3. The posters usually have a production time of 24 hours.

Here you can download the order form for posters. Please use the link in the box below to order.

Order form Finanzstelle   (1.1 MB)

Please send the completed order form via the following button.


DIN formats
  • DIN A0 - 84,1 x 118,9 cm
  • DIN A1 - 59,4 x 84,1 cm
  • DIN A2 - 42,0 x 59,4 cm
Free formats
  • Width: min. 9,0 cm - max. 150,0 cm
  • High: min. 9,0 cm - max. 1.000,0 cm
    * All combinations of the above sizes are possible


  • Paper: 170 g semimatt
  • Max. width: 150 cm
  • Printer: HP Drucker (6 Farben)


  • Paper: 180 g matt
  • Paper: 230 g matt
  • Paper: 250 g glänzend
  • Max. width: 94 cm
  • Printer: EPSON Printer (12 colours*)

*(Due to the higher number of colours, a more detailed representation and more brilliant colours are achieved.)


The posters are cut automatically by us via a machine. Please note that texts and image elements must be placed at least 5 mm from the edge.

White flashes are caused by the machine and are not a reason for complaint.