In the printing center you can purchase different types of banners. If you are unsure about the choice of material, you are welcome to contact us.

Here you can download the order form for banners. Please use the link in the box below for the order process.

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Thanks to its finely perforated mesh structure, mesh banners are well suited for outdoor advertising. Due to their nature, they are less susceptible to wind and weather. Their light weight gives them additional advantages.
Mesh banners are mainly found on construction fences, scaffolding, facades or sports fields. Even in strong winds, the banners withstand the wind pressure.

The material of the tarpaulin banners most closely resembles a truck tarpaulin.

Banner placement

Before you plan or want to do a banner placement yourself, please make sure that the space is not marketed by the campus advertising department of UNIversaal. For your request to UNIversaal, please use the following button.