We use lasers to create lettering on hard covers, advertising materials, acrylic glass, cardboard, wood, plastics and metals. In addition, we can also produce moulded cuts of e.g. acrylic glass, foam materials, cardboard and plywood.

Here you can download the order form for laser treatment. Please use the link in the box below to order.

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Hardcover laser engraving

Laserung Buchdeckel

The top layer of the linen or leather cover is lasered away. Depending on the nature of the surface, a monochrome image is created. Please take a look at the samples on display to get an impression of the colouring after laser cutting.

Hardware lasering

The lasering is used to protect against theft, removing something from the surface of the product to be lasered. We laser monitors, beamers, laptops and much more.

Precious metal lasering

In this process, a liquid is applied to the material to be lasered in advance and then burned in. The lasered image is very durable.

Bulk lasers

For high volumes, the products to be lasered are placed in a standardised mould. This eliminates the need to switch between laser processes.