The printing centre can produce and process mailings up to DIN A4 size. By means of an inserting machine, letters, surveys and inserts can be inserted fully automatically. As we may not have the required envelopes in stock, please contact us in good time.

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It is most efficient to generate cover letters with personalised addresses, as these can be packed in window envelopes. A special feature is the printing and inserting of documents with different page numbers (e.g. invoices or personalised documents with several pages). In these cases, special marks are applied by the printing centre, which are read during the inserting process to ensure that the correct number of pages is always in the envelope. If it is not possible to personalise the cover letter, envelopes with individual addresses can also be printed at the printing centre. Of course, blank envelopes can also be printed with personalised addresses, which you then fill yourself. The envelopes can be printed in black and white or in colour.

What we need:

The most cost-effective variant for enveloping is the delivery of a finished PDF file with addresses and all pages as data records one after the other in one file. However, this is only possible if the same number of pages is always to be inserted (example: a cover letter with a continuation page where page 1 is the cover letter and page 2 the continuation page and page 3 again a cover letter and page 4 again the continuation letter and so on). Inserts such as leaflets, flyers or reply envelopes are fed by us on the machine and are not part of your data. It is of course also possible to supply a Word/Excel combination. However, this will incur additional costs (see price list). If you want to have such an order produced for the first time, you should contact us in any case and discuss the procedure with us.