The aspect of paper is so large and comprehensive that we can only provide a brief insight into the services offered by the Druckzentrum here.

Here you can download the order form for paper. Please use the link in the box below to order.

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  • We use low-priced laser printer-suitable ECF uncoated papers. This is always a compromise between price and performance.
  • For somewhat higher-quality printed matter, we recommend the 90 g paper we call "premium paper", which is denser and allows higher-quality color prints (in addition to better opacity and a more pleasant feel).
  • You can then further enhance your print product by using 100 g satin color laser printing paper (ColorCopy/ColorLaser, but this can only be bound with a hardcover binding with a clamping rail).

  • Can be printed well on coated (matte or glossy) art papers.
  • Should have a thickness of at least 250 g
  • For A4 books we recommend the use of 280 g thick cardboard

  • Various colors in stock. Please feel free to contact us.
  • You can find a sample fan in the Druckzentrum as well as in the Copycenter.

  • Uncoated papers (copy paper)
  • Plastic papers
  • Self-adhesive papers / films (normal and chemical resistant)
  • Coated art papers
  • Transparent papers
  • Special effect papers for laser printing
  • Handmade paper
  • Grey board