We offer a wide range of processing options. We reserve the right to charge machine set-up costs of € 5.00 / € 5.95 for small quantities. Please contact us if you have any questions in this regard.

Here you can download the order form for further processing. Please use the link in the box below to order.

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We can also fold your card or flyer, whereby the fold breaks (i.e. the "creases") must run parallel. Crossing fold breaks are not possible with us. Our range includes, for example, single-folded cards or six-page flyers in wrap-around or zigzag folds (Leporello). The paper thickness should be between 80 gsm and 280 gsm and the format of the unfolded side should not be smaller than a postcard and not significantly larger than A3. If you are unsure whether a folding request can be realised, simply contact us.

Stapling refers to holding individual sheets of paper together by means of a pierced metal staple. This can be done from top to bottom through a stack of paper, either in a corner (corner stapling) with one staple, or with two staples on the long or short side of the paper (two-staple stapling). A second variation is stapling through the spine of folded pages. This creates a booklet similar to a exercise book (centre stapling).

With our brochure line we can produce the classic brochure booklet with two staples in the spine as well as up to 20 collated sheets in one corner with a metal staple. The size of the individual sheet should be maximum A3 and minimum A5.

t is possible to apply a perforation parallel to the edge of a sheet so that you can, for example, make part of a folded flyer tearable as a postcard. Unfortunately, we cannot offer angled perforations, round shapes or perforations running around corners.

Since the ink application in digital printing is done with toner powder and not with liquid inks, the ink only sits "on" the paper and has not penetrated. If you now fold a paper printed in this way, the ink application tends to break and the white paper shimmers through. To reduce this effect, the printed paper is "pre-stretched" (grooved) at the point where it is to be folded. In this way, the ink application is retained almost everywhere, even in the fold crease.

If you want to file your prints later, you can have them punched by us right away. Our paper drilling machine can punch packs up to 4cm thick in one operation. 2-fold or 4-fold drilling is possible.

Since we want to pack your products damage-free for larger runs, we bundle them in small packs with a wider paper strip. This avoids cuts that would be caused by a rubber band, for example.

Like every print shop, we also have a cutting machine that can cut stacks of paper up to a height of approx. 10 cm in one operation. Be it to cut the outer edge of your bound soft cover smoothly or to cut prints that have been printed in several on one large sheet.

To protect the surface of your softcover book or business card from scratches and wear, you can protect the outside of the binding or both sides of the business card with a laminating film. This is available in a matt or glossy finish and is virtually "hot ironed", i.e. firmly bonded to the surface.