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11.04.2024: DRUCKZENTRUM and COPYCENTER closed all day on 23.05.2024
14.03.2024: No more cash acceptance from 08.04.2024!

From 08.04.2024 we no longer accept cash payment. You can pay by EC card or credit card. It is not possible to debit your student ID card.

14.11.2023: NOT OPEN on Friday, 17.11.23

The DRUCKZENTRUM and the COPYCENTER will be closed on Friday, 17.11.23.

18.10.2023: New phone numbers

As of now, individual areas of the Druckzentrum have new phone numbers.

04.10.2023: NOW NEW! Foil print on hardcover with clip rail

The covers and spine rail are printable in silver, white and gold.

24.07.2023: DRUCKZENTRUM and COPYCENTER closed all day on 28.07.2023
20.06.2023: COPYCENTER closed all day on 21.06.2023 and 30.06.2023
08.02.2023: New pricelist available

Since February 2023, new prices apply for the services of the printing centre, which we have compiled in a 16-page booklet.

20.12.2022: New recycling paper in the Druckzentrum and Copycenter

Starting next year, a new paper will be used for printing and copying needs in the standard 80 g/scm grammage of the Druckzentrum, the Copycenter and the administrative copiers.
The new quality is Steinbeis No. 4 multifunction paper for laser and inkjet printing, 80 g/scm.

06.12.2022: Calendar

We produce calendars for you all year round in different formats. You send us your data by email or give them to us by USB stick, choose a template or use the PDF form and tell us your desired quantity.

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